JazzProfilactika has frequently preformed from 2008 up till now in Varna at: Cubo Beach Bar and Studio 21.

Some other bars, clubs and festivals JazzProfilactika took the stage are:
Sofia Live Club (Sofia),  Petnoto Na Rorshach (Plovdiv), Bee Bop Café (Plovdiv), Blueberry Festival Bulgaria (Ambaritsa, Balkan Mountains, 2015), In The Palace International Short Film Festival (Balchik, 2015/2014/2012), Sozopol July Morning Fest (Sozopol, 2011), “Meadows In The Mountains” festival (Polkovnik Serafimovo, 2012), benefit festival “Smiles for Karin Dom” (Varna, 2015), Club Case (Varna), Radio Varna (Live concert series “Щурец в ухото“) and appeared at Cherno More TV (2014) with an interview about the band.


JP EUROPEAN TRIO (2011) | JP QUARTET (2013-2017) | JP SEXTET (2014-2017)


It all started with 3 DJ’s … DJ Emotion, DJ Jijo and DJ Ivo-But-Not.

While most DJ’s in Varna turned more and more Electronic, these three DJs decided to do something else: play tasteful Jazzy grooves from their headquarters: Cubo (Beach) Bar in Varna. From Funk & Soul, via Nu-Jazz, Broken Beats and Afro-Beat to Lounge. 


In the period 2008-2012 – untill the formation of the first JazzProfilacika band, the “JazzProfilactika Sound System” – the JazzProfilactika DJ’s performed in various DJ+ formations, featuring different musicians such as: Roelant Hollander, Miroslav Petkov (trumpet), Krasi Borisov (guitar), Chavdar Gochev (guitar), “Fingertone” (trumpet – Phuture Shock), Nadina Kaloyanova (vocals), Vito Giacovelli (percussion) and others.


In 2011 Jivko Marinov (DJ Jijo, Bulgaria), Roel Hollander (Saxophones, The Netherlands) and Vito Giacovelli (Percussion, Italy) got together for a 3-City tour: Sofia (Sofia Live Club), Varna (Cubo Beach Bar) and Plovdiv (Petnoto Na Rorshach). 

The pieces used for this tour were a fine selection of track by some of their favorite musicians / producers at that time, such as “Big Bud”, “Mo Horizons”, “Club Des Belugas”, “Kruder & Dorfmeister”, “Nor Elle”, “Ronny Jordan”, “Death in Vegas”, and others … For the 3-City tour repertoire they tried to (con)tribute musically to their work their .

Their performance was recorded on video, you can find these videos here!


The JazzProfilactika Soundsystem was formed in 2012 by DJ Jijo (Turntables), DJ Ivo-But-Not (Ableton Live), Roel Hollander (Saxophones), Neyko Bodurov (Trumpet) and Krasi Borisov (Guitar). 

In the years predating 2012, the JazzProfilactika crew had been using tracks made by other musicians / producers as foundation for their performances. For the 2012 project though, Krasi Borisov and Roel Hollander wrote the major part of the tracks and 2 tracks were made collaboratively. Only one of these pieces “Stop & Go” was recorded but not released until January 29, 2018.


Even though Ivo-But-Not and Emotion do perform as JazzProfilactika DJ’s (solo or back-2-back), they do not participate in the JazzProfilactika Live formation at present time. DJ Ivo-But-Not restarted his “DGTL Bulgar” project and DJ Emotion joined the formation “High Five” instead.


In 2013 DJ Jijo continued working on the JazzProfilactika Live concept, sided by Roel Hollander (Saxophones), Neyko Bordurov (Trumpet) and new crew member Tsvetan Momchilov (Keys), performing with the “JazzProfilactika Quartet“.

The JazzProfilactika Quartet composed several Nu-Jazz tracks, with beats and bass-lines programmed by Roel and Jijo and harmonies and themes composed by Neyko, Tsvetan and Roel. A full collaborative creative process, making the whole greater then the sum of it’s parts. In the same year JazzProfilactika Quartet did a mini-tour in Bulgaria trying out the new repertoire at the Sofia Live Club, Beebop Cafe in Plovidv and Cubo (Varna). 

DJ JIJO (Jivko Marinov – Turntables & Sampling)

Being one of the founding members of JazzProfilactika, DJ Jijo has set his mind on the development of the JazzProfilactika Live concept, mixing electronic music with live Jazz. Being one of the few Bulgarian DJ’s that master various scratching techniques, DJ Jijo tries to use his turntables as true instruments, real-time interacting with the instrumentalists of the group.



As one of the musicians present from the very start of “JazzProfilactika Live”, Roel has not only been playing his saxophones, but was (and is) active in the development of the repertoire and visual aspects of the project (logo design, website, et cetera) as well. As Dutchy, Roel is the only non Bulgarian member of the project.


NEYKO BODUROV (Trumpet & Flugelhorn)

Neyko joined JazzProfilactika in 2012. This made it possible to change direction musically, with two horns (Neyko and Roel) lovely themes could be written, and wicked horn arrangements made. 


TSVETAN MOMCHILOV (Keys & French Horn)

The latest addition to the JazzProfilactika crew is Tsvetan Momchilov, filling in the “void” left by the embarkation of Krasi Borisov (Guitarist of the 2012 formation). With Tsvetan on keys the formation is complete once again.



JazzProfilactika initiated and organized the first International Jazz Day celebration ever held in Varna, Bulgaria. The event took place in Cubo Beach Bar with a performance of JazzProfilactika and a jam with featuring Jazz artists from Varna. Neyko Bodurov (JazzProfilactika trumpetist) and Chavdar Gochev (guitarist and featuring artist that event) continued organizing the Int. Jazz Day celebration in the following years as “Bandwagon“.

JazzProfilactika was nominated for the Varna Award category “Arts & Culture” for: active concert activities in 2013 and successfully imposing Bulgarian club culture in the original mix of popular and club music combined with ethnic motifs, Latin rhythms, Jazz and modern DJ techniques.” (article in Bulgarian).

In 2014 the JazzProfilactica Quartet finished the composing and arranging of 11 track, 9 of them intended to be released on a later to be produced debut album.


In the summer of 2014 the JazzProfilactika Sextet was formed – extending the Quartet with a drummer and bass player – to give a more acoustic / analog sound to their music.

LINE-UP – The usual suspects:
DJ Jijo (Turntables & sampling)


Venci (one of Bulgaria’s best Electric Bass players) and Jazz Profilactika members Roel, Neyko and Tsvetan have shared the stage in the past years for various occasions. When the idea to form the Sextet was put on the table, Venci was an obvious choice.

Mr. Moon has been DJ-ing, producing music, remixing and collaborating with well-known native and foreign artists and joined the JazzProfilactika Sextet in 2014.

[ Mr. MoonMr. Moon Records ]


In 2015 the JazzProfilactika Quartet recorded the music of their debut album. The recordings came to a hold when our good friend, sound engineer and “brother in arms” Ivan Boyadzhiev passed away (16.06.2015). It took a while before we were ready to proceed, Roelant taking over Ivan’s job in recording the rest of the album, the saxophone recordings for most tracks had fortunately been done already by Ivan.


In 2016 Roel Hollander started editing and mixing the recorded material. At the end of 2016 the album was ready.


The search for a good label started and soon one was found: TimeWarp Music. On October 30, 2017 the debut album “Tick Tock” was released. Read More …

Roel Hollander, core member from the very beginning (saxophonist, composer, engineer and present on all JazzProfilactika recordings till now), stopped as member of the live formation. JazzProfilactika Live continues as trio. Roelant stayed “on board” as producer/engineer and web master.


After the summer Roel Hollander started working on creating new beats for two old tracks that did not make it for the debut album “Tick Tock” (2017), followed by editing and mixing of these tracks and preparing exports for remixes. These two tracks + remixes will be released in 2020. Our candidates for the remixes became DJ Ilko (#1 on our remix wishlist), Vito Lalinga and Chillov. The remix pack was send and the gentlemen started fiddling with the material.

The JazzProfilactika Trio did various gigs that year, like at the Jazztronica Night@Plovdiv Jazz Fest.


JazzProfilactika Live continued performing as Trio formation.

In February the remixes were done and together with the originals send to TimeWarp Music to be mastered. On June 26, 2020 the “Ah Yeah! – The Funky EP” was released.


On 02.01.2021 JazzProfilactika co-founder and project name giver Todor “DJ Emotion” Zhelyazkov passed away.

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